Biology Resources for Teaching

Here is a select set of teaching resources and guidance on how to use virtual labs for teaching Biology. Virtual labs let you and your students engage in science, learning Biology through active participation rather than passive observation.

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Recommended Virtual Lab

Name Drosophila – a Virtual Fly Lab leads to an external page
Overview Students mate fruit flies carrying visible mutations and observe how these traits are passed on to the next generation to learn principles of genetic inheritance. For more information see MERLOT Material Detail for Drosophila leads to an external page
Grade Levels Middle School, High School, and College
Recommended Lesson Plans MERLOT Learning Exercise for Virtual Courseware - Drosophila
Other Lesson Plans All MERLOT Learning Exercises for Drosophila leads to an external page
Engaging Students where English is a Second Language Not yet available
Applicable CA Standards Drosophila Standards for California leads to an external page
Assessment Rubrics Drosophila has built-in customizable assessment tools. Teacher registration is free.
How to Use this Lab To take an animated tour, click on the Tour tab at Drosophila – a Virtual Fly Lab . An Instructor’s Manual is also available as a pdf.
Get Expert Advice Robert Desharnais – author of Drosophila and Professor of Biology at Cal State LA
Comments from Fellow Teachers MERLOT Comments for Drosophila leads to an external page
Add Your Comments and Rate It Use the “Write a comment” link on the right hand side of the MERLOT Material Detail for Drosophila page. leads to an external page
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Free Virtual CourseWare:

Virtual Couseware logoUnder the direction of Dr. Bob Desharnais, the Virtual Courseware Project at California State University, Los Angles has developed an exciting array of award winning simulations to support teachers and students investigating topics in Earth Systems Science and Biology. At leads to an external page you will find a collection of exciting simulations These materials will let your students do Science not just listen or read about Science.


BioSciEdNet LogoBiological Sciences Pathway leads to an external page Provided by BEN: BioSciEdNet at AAAS BEN Collaborative partner organizations provide access to over 4,700 reviewed resources covering 77 biological Sciences topics. BEN provides resources, tools, and professional development for educators at the high school and undergraduate levels. BEN is managed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Registration is required.


WGBH Teacher's Domain LogoPathway to Multimedia Resources for the Classroom Provided by Teachers' Domain at WGBH leads to an external page Teachers' Domain offers multimedia resources incorporating sound educational practices and provides teachers with media-rich resources that go beyond static textbook presentations. Classroom-ready resources include video clips, interactive activities, and images from educational public television shows such as NOVA, ZOOM, and A Science Odyssey. Curricula are aligned and referenced online to state standards in Science content. Registration is required.


Middle School Portal LogoMiddle School Portal leads to an external page Provided by Digital Library Projects at The Ohio State University The NSDL Middle School Portal provides access to selected online resources for instruction and professional development from the National Science Digital Library. Subject pathways in Mathematics, Science, and Technology present topic lists that take an in-depth look at teachable concepts in Science, Math, or Technology. Features include lively text and graphics along with background for teachers, interactive online activities, data analyses, and links to related topics.

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